1) General

These guidelines are for the Internet services (hearafter refferred to as ‘Service’) provided at www.hotelcappuccino.co.kr by Hotel Cappuccino (hereafter referred to as ‘Hotel’).

2) Guideline validity and alterations

1. These guidelines apply to anyone who visits the site.

2. These guidelines apply when displayed on the monitor to the user.

3. Hotel reserves the right to change these user guidelines at any time, and any adjustments that are made to these guidelines apply to users notified by the means in listed in 2 above or by other means. These adjustments will apply within 7 days of notification and further use of the site after such a time period automatically implies agreement to these terms.

3) Other rules and regulations

Besides those usage rules discussed in these guidelines, all laws in South Korea including Telecommunications Basic Act, Telecommunications Business Act, Legislation Relate, etc. apply to usage of this site.

4) Definition of terms

User means who visit and use hotel’s Internet service.


5) Establishment of usage contract

The service usage contract is established after reservation is made with his/her personal information according to hotel’s form and then clicks on ‘Agree’ when asked if he or she agrees with the terms of the user guidelines and then hotel approves that agreement.

6) Reservation request

1. In order to use these services, users apply by recording their personal information into hotel’s request form.

2. Children under 19 years of age cannot use these services.

3. The information provided by the user in the reservation form will be regarded as true. Users who don’t provide a real name or other information are not entitled to protection from the laws of South Korea and are may have limited service.

4. Hotel may ask for additional information or registration steps from some new applicants if it has difficulty determining their official identity through online sources.

5. If a user uses request information that is not currently and completely truthful information when applying for service, or there is a change in the information they have provided, then they have a responsibility to edit their information according to hotel’s pre-determined procedures for editing user’s information.

7) Approval of reservation request

1. Hotel will approve service request to the users according to Section 6), excluding the case 2 and 3 that are shown below.

2. Hotel may withhold full user privileges for the following reasons.

a. Lacking the necessary resources for providing service

b. Technical problems

c. Hotel acknowledges it needs something additional

3. Under the following circumstances hotel may determine that it cannot grant the service.

a. Requesting as an identity other that one’s own

b. Using false information for reservation

c. One requests in order to contradict custom, order, and/or the societal good.

d. In some other cases that do not satisfy the requirements of hotel’s terms of users

8) User information adjustment

If the registered user’s reservation information changes, the user must change it online. If they do not make the necessary changes then said the users take all responsibility for problems that may arise from tardy changes to their information.


9) Hotel’s duties

1. Hotel cannot share or distribute the personal information the user has provided to Hotel in order to receive services without the user’s express consent, except in the following circumstances:

a. As requested from a Korean government agency according to Korean law.

b. Intended criminal activity on behalf of the user or at the request of the telecommunication committee.

c. At the request of other legal proceedings.

2. In relation to 1 above, hotel reserves the right to use all or part of the user’s information to determine statistical information related to reservation and the right to place cookies on the user’s computer. The user has the right to refuse cookies or adjust the cookie warning system on their browser’s setting.

10) Member’s duties

1. The user agrees not to engage in any of the following activities;

a. Use another user’s information inappropriately.

b. Provide to others, reproduce or distribute through broadcast or in print information obtained from services offered to a user without the hotel’s prior authorization.

c. Infringe hotel’s intellectual property rights or the property rights of others participating in the site

d. Providing information, sentences or any kind of figure that could be an offense against public moral or public act.

e. Engage in any behavior which an objective person would determine to be criminal or otherwise improper.

f. Other illegal behavior.

2. The user agrees to abide by the law, by the rules and regulations of the user guidelines, of the service usage information and all updates thereof.

3. The user agrees to follow all of the public notifications and/or publicly announced usage restrictions that hotel may issue.

4. The user cannot use the services engage in any profitable actions without the express prior consent of hotel.


11) Services rendered

Hotel will notify the user through the notice section on the hotel’s website when it determines that there is a need to share information for the use of services.

12) Advertiser transactions

Hotel does not take any responsibility for any losses or problems resulting from any users’ purchases or transactions taken between an advertiser for their products or services by a user that were offered through hotel’s services.

13) Service usage responsibility

The user cannot use the service to sell illegal products and cannot attempt to sell any product or service. Hotel takes no responsibility for any loss, arrest, or legal ramifications resulting from engaging in any sales activities through hotel’s services.

14) Service restrictions and discontinuance

In the event of (or extreme danger of) war, natural disaster or other national emergency according to Korean law, hotel may stop service part or all of the services may be limited or discontinued. In the event of such a limitation of service or discontinuance, according to the above hotel will give the reason and notify the user as to the estimated time for resumption of services.


15) Exemption clause

1. Hotel is freed from any responsibility in the event of service limitation or discontinuance caused by war, environmental disaster or other national emergency.

2. Hotel is not responsible in problems with service provision caused by the user.

3. Hotel is not responsible for any loss experienced (or profit sought but not attained) by the user from services offered by hotel.

4. Hotel is not responsible for the information or other materials and the accuracy and truthfulness thereof published by the user through hotel’s services.

16) Jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute related to this contract and legal action taken thereof, the lawsuit shall fall under the jurisdiction of the court presiding over hotel’s headquarter.

[Date of Implementation] These user guidelines are good as of September 14th, 2015.