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On one side of the commonspace at Caffe Cappuccino on the 1st floor of Hotel Cappuccino,
We introduce our guests with unique lifestyle brands from all over the world that share our values (Cappuccino Shared Value).

We are looking for new friends/partners who are also wanting to contribute to the growth and to share those values for the society as well as the environment.


Join our Earn&Giveaway program for a chance to earn eco-friendly actions during your stay at Hotel Cappuccino.

At check-in, you’ll receive a small Earn&Giveaway checklist filled with eco-friendly missions to complete.

For each completed mission, you will earn Angel Coin that can be used exclusively at the hotel to purchase amenities and services.

Plus, you can make even more of a difference by making eco-conscious donations through the lobby’s donation machine!

So come and see what a difference you can make, one eco-friendly action at a time!


In every rooms at Hotel Cappuccino, we replaced single-use shower and bath products with refillable and 100% recycable dispensers to reduce waste.

Also, our toiletry products are all vegan friendly with no preservatives and no biocides. In order to save the amount of water being used, we have replaced it with conditioning shampoos.

Hotel Cappuccino is passionate about making a move for the environment and we are happy to be working with the eco-friendly Swiss brand, Geneva Green, in creating a greener planet.


*Due to environmental regulations, single-use amenities are not provided in Hotel Cappuccino rooms.

You can purchase eco-friendly amenities at the front desk on the 1st floor if needed.

*Multi-use cups, hand wash, conditioning shampoo and body wash are included in the room.


A twist on “green card” programs at conventional hotels, Hotel Cappuccino offers Linen Cards. As an eco-friendly hotel, we do not change sheets by default.

However, if you would like you bed sheets changed. please leave the lavender colored Linen Card on the bed, and we would be glad to do so!


We are looking for new friends/partners who are also wanting to
contribute to the growth and to share those values for the society as well as the environment.


If you have any clothes that are in great condition but no longer wearing, simply put them into our
Share Your Clothes Box, located in the 1st floor lobby. Your donations will be sent to the local OTCAN
charity and given back to those who really need them.


*Otcan is committed to charity, education, and the environment, and has received NGO establishment
recognition from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


By simply staying in one of our Bark rooms, you have the opportunity to spread love not only to your own furry companions but also to other animals in need of care and affection.

A portion of the profits generated from the Bark Rooms is annually donated to carefully selected animal protection NGOs, as chosen by Hotel Cappuccino.,

We are dedicated to advocating for the happiness and rights of all animals who share our lives.


If you order any menu labeled with angel wings
drawn next to it, part of the proceeds from every sale will be donated to impoverished children as a emergency-food supply-kit by a NGO group ‘Save the Children’.


*Supported To: Somalia, Ethiopia, Keyna, Southern Sudan

*Supported As: Emergency-food supply-kit(rice, oil, sugar, salt, Plumpy Nut)