Hotel Cappuccino: a place for beautiful people who believe in value-based travel

While the hotel business is growing worldwide at a remarkable pace, environmental pollution and local community development remain vulnerable areas. When hotels blindly pursue nothing but financial profit, they risk becoming a burden to their local community and environment - sadly, many examples of this already exist.

At Hotel Cappuccino, we established a basic principle of active social responsibility and support for worthy causes before we had even decided on a name for the hotel. While profit is a priority for any business, we believe that companies also need to create new value by contributing to local communities and the environment. Based on this new value, we aim to establish a beautiful business model in which the hotel, the local community and the environment coexist in a symbiotic and sustainable relationship. We call this model “Cappuccino Shared Value."
Participating in our Shared Value programs is easy. Hotel Cappuccino is a lifestyle destination where we strive to imbue our spaces and services with fun ideas for our guests to experience. It’s nothing to get serious about: just enjoy the services we’ve prepared. You don’t even have to make any particular effort, since we’ve arranged our hotel so that you generate Shared Value just by staying with us. Of course, if you do put in a little personal effort too, the effect will be even greater…

We believe our guests will enjoy supporting our Shared Value projects with each visit to Hotel Cappuccino.
Cappuccino Shared Value Programs

Every space and moment that our guests experience in the hotel is filled with sustainable Shared Value. Read on to explore Hotel Cappuccino’s Shared Value programs!

E&G Box
Every guest room at Hotel Cappuccino has an E&G (Earn & Giveaway) Box, with extra amenities for your convenience. If you do not open the E&G Box or have your linen changed when staying for more than two nights, we’ll be delighted to present you with an Angel Coupon: yet another chance to generate Shared Value with Hotel Cappuccino. Simply give the coupon to our Front Desk staff to transform it into a donation to Alternatively, you can use it to enjoy a free drink at Caffe Cappuccino during your stay.

Earn & Giveaway Program: This special program from Hotel Cappuccino is designed to reduce unnecessary consumption while giving back to our local community and guests.
Every toiletry product in Hotel Cappuccino's rooms is placed in a 500ml refillable dispenser, rather than a disposable container. By simply taking a shower in our hotel, you are automatically participating in an eco-friendly project.
Bark Room
A portion of the proceeds from each Bark Room stay will be donated to KARA, an organization providing shelter for abandoned dogs.
Angel's Menu
We hope you’ll have time to try our Angel's Menu at Caffe Cappuccino, Restaurant Hot Eatsue or the Rooftop Bar. Part of the proceeds from every sale of this special menu will be donated to
Caffe Cappuccino
Caffe Cappuccino also participates in the Shared Value program. Order a tasty treat for your canine companion at Caffe Cappuccino and part of the proceeds will be donated to KARA, an organization providing shelter for abandoned dogs. That’s right: your pooch is also participating in our Shared Value program.
Angel Elevator
Even traveling up to your room makes a difference. Our Angel Elevator is designed to generate a charitable donation of KRW 500 each time a guest touches a room key to the sensor. Upon check-out, you can decide how much money you wish to donate. Every won donated via the Angel Elevator goes to
Share Your Clothes
It’s a sad fact that most hotels end up throwing away the clothes that guests leave behind. At Hotel Cappuccino, however, we’ve come up with a brilliant idea for turning disposal into sharing. If you have any clothes that you’re tired of wearing, simply put them into the Share Your Clothes box in the lobby. They will be donated to local charity OTCAN and passed on to someone who really needs them.