Hotel Cappuccino and friends

Hotel Cappuccino & Friends

We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our wide circle of friends.

Kideapartners Co., Ltd.
Design company Kideapartners specializes in interior design, construction, remodeling and display techniques for producing functional, creative, bright and exciting environments in any given space. Kideapartners took charge of interior, construction and display projects during the building of Hotel Cappuccino, creating the unique details in our guest rooms and restaurants that give the hotel so much character.
Boutique publicity and marketing agency CRED offers integrated marketing and communications services to luxury lifestyle brands in hospitality, fashion, culture, cuisine and other industries, in Korea and abroad. CRED was responsible for all marketing and PR efforts in the process of positioning the Hotel Cappuccino brand as an urban lifestyle destination, using on- and off-line channels to oversee every aspect of marketing strategy, from planning to implementation.
Kelita & Co.
Kelita & Co. uses design to share the value and culture of beauty, offering a variety of design solutions for corporate and personal branding. Several key elements of the Hotel Cappuccino identity, including its CI, characters and the distinctive name of its restaurant are the work of Kelita & Co.
Impact Square is a professional organization that creates shared value to allow mutual growth, while working to bring innovation to markets and society with the aim of achieving social change, be it on a small or large scale. Impact Square helped draw up the plans that will allow Hotel Cappuccino to exert positive influence on society through shared value, while also remaining competitive in the market.
UDS Ltd.
UDS Ltd. is a Japanese company that specializes in real estate planning, architectural design and interior design. Also UDS Ltd. is well known as one of the pioneers in the Japanese design hotel market. They took charge of architectural design, guest rooms concept design and lobby interior design for Hotel Cappuccino.
MNA Co., Ltd.
MNA strives to embody the design philosophy where people, nature and architecture coexist in a symbiotic relationship. The practice engages with every stage of each building project, from initial planning, through design, all the way to construction supervision. MNA produced the final designs for Hotel Cappuccino, creating beautiful and dynamic spaces perfect for socializing and sharing, based on USD’s initial plans.

Kolon Global Co., Ltd.
With operations in construction, trade and logistics, Kolon Global is a pioneering company looking to meet the future with diversified success through cutting-edge technology in every sector. Kolon Global took charge of construction of Hotel Cappuccino, creating an inspiring structure ideal that offers the perfect blend of recreation and freedom for one of Seoul’s hottest new lifestyle destinations.
Queserser & Company
Queserser & Company is a global, design consulting firm based in Japan, with the head office located in Osaka and branches stationed in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka and many other regions and International offices stretched out the globe with offices positioned in Singapore, India and Belgium. Queserser aims to deliver the brand identity of Hotel Cappuccino as how it is; the true lifestyle hotel of Seoul, Korea, through creative delivery and operation of SNS, website management and more.

Project P
Project P is a creative group that plans brand value through global communication. It oversaw the design of printed materials, goods and signage at Hotel Cappuccino to provide a more entertaining and enriching experience for guests.

Andrea Buso Photography
Renowned for shooting and directing for fashion lifestyle brands in international fashion hubs such as New York, Paris, Tokyo, Milan and Seoul, Andrea Buso Photography oversaw the creation of Hotel Cappuccino’s photo gallery, including interior shots and a variety of other details that bring out the hotel’s unique brand identity.
Anthracite Coffee
Born in the shell of a disused shoe factory, Anthracite is a café and coffee roaster that endeavors to contribute to culture, art and the local community based on a free, healthy management philosophy. Anthracite created a unique blend of coffee especially for Hotel Cappuccino, designed both to fill the the hotel with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and to create a new coffee culture combining the unique color of Anthracite and Cappuccino’s own identity.
Magpie Brewing Co.
Magpie is an independent microbrewery that creates craft beers using traditional methods and innovative recipes, based on the philosophy that everyone deserves easy access to unique and delicious craft beer. At urban lifestyle destination Hotel Cappuccino, we serve Magpie’s signature products, pale ale and porter, because we believe even a glass of beer should be an exceptional experience.
AOITORI, ‘Blue bird’ in Japanese, is a bakery café where Japanese bakery-meister provides various Japanese bread by day and authentic Japanese cooking and beer by night.
AOITORI contributed to develop Restaurant Hot Eatsue's menu concept and created simple yet warm comfort food only for Hotel Cappuccino.

Creative group, Toastor specializing in interactive media, media art and 3D animation created a short film that expresses urban lifestyle at Hotel Cappuccino. Through the film, you can check Hotel Cappuccino’s vibrant, energetic and hip atmosphere.
Lifestyle Shop features a wide selection of goods from EPIGRAM, offering a simple and comfortable lifestyle.

You can meet RE;CODE, transforming the waste of resources into the new possibilities, in Lifestyle Shop.

Monica, custom-made dog amenity brand, made pet houses and amenities in Bark Rooms for our furry friends.

Pavourite Magazine
Pavourite Magazine specially designed for pets and pet lovers contributed to develop various programs for dogs.