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Hotel Cappuccino: the ultimate lifestyle destination for all dogs in Korea

Korea is home to a rapidly-growing number of dog lovers. These days, our four-legged friends are part of the family. And yet it’s still hard to find a hotel that’s happy to let you stay or even have lunch when your pooch is in tow. Now though, you no longer have to choose between traveling and dining out or staying with your beloved canines any longer. Hotel Cappuccino, Seoul’s leading lifestyle destination, not only welcomes them; we also go out of our way to provide them with the very best in doggy services and facilities. That’s right - Hotel Cappuccino is the ultimate place to hang out in style with your prized pooch.

We have to mention though that our Bark Rooms, despite their name, struggle to accommodate the most insistent woofers. For the sake of other guests, please make sure that your dog understands that making loud noises falls outside the bounds of hotel etiquette. This applies to all our guests, regardless of species.

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Bark room

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A Great Place To Paws After A Ruff Day
If this was simply a room that allowed dogs, it wouldn’t be much for us to brag about. But it’s way more than that: each Bark Room features a custom-made doggy bed constructed from birch with a safe stair, pajamas, a toy and an amazing range of special amenities. Just don’t get jealous if you think your baby is getting better service than you!
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Doggy Drinks and Snacks
Room service for your dog? Yup, it’s now a reality. Hotel Cappuccino provides plenty of healthy and tasty foods and snacks for our picky four-legged guests, and we are pretty sure they’ll love them.
Caffe Cappuccino also offers a special menu and an exclusive space - the Summer Terrace - for our canine guests.
You can even have a birthday cake for your dog, available through room service and at Caffe Cappuccino for a fee upon request. Celebrate your cherished canine's most important anniversary with us at Hotel Cappuccino!
Our guests are our partners in creating shared value at Hotel Cappuccino. And yes, your dog is also part of this happy equation. A portion of the earnings from our Bark Rooms, dog food, and beverage services will be donated to KARA, a local charity that helps abandoned dogs.
Pet policy
For dog lovers who can't bear to leave their four-legged friends at home, Hotel Cappuccino is delighted to offer a dog-friendly area at Caffe Cappuccino's Summer Terrace and our Bark Rooms, where you can stay in comfort with your pooch. Note that this means we have had to put together a list of basic rules to make sure that you, your furry friends and all our other guests leave Hotel Cappuccino with pleasant memories.
  • Dogs are the only pets permitted at the hotel.
  • Only small and medium-sized dogs, of up to 22lb (10kg) in weight are allowed.
  • Pet owners should hold their dog(s) upon check in and check out.
  • Pet owners should use the emergency elevator when going to guest rooms.
  • An additional charge of KRW50,000, plus tax, applies for additional amenities.
  • Dogs may enter only permitted areas - Bark Rooms and the Summer Terrace at Caffe Cappuccino - while their owner is in the hotel.
  • Pet owners are fully responsible for any damage or soiling caused by their dog(s).
  • Each Bark Room features a custom-made doggy bed. However, pet owners must put a diaper on their dog(s) they share a bed with their dog(s).
  • Pet owners must always clean up after their dog(s).